Cela Mining


Mining status
  • SPEED: (0.33 CELA + Pet Points ) X 3 / 12h
  • No. of NFT: 0 / 0 + 0 Pets

Mining is available for all Discord members who have reached community level 5 or higher, and our NFT holders.


Current Amount


Max Vault limit: Unlimited

The mining rate for our members without an NFT is 0.33 CELA per 24 hrs. Extra speed boost is available for members holding more than 1 NFT. (NOW ON 3X Mining Power-up Event!)

Use your NFTs!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Reach for chatting level 5 (Discord)
2. Obtain community WL role
3. Submit the wallet address(Metamask) #purse:┃𝗪allet-𝗥egister
4. Admin Approval
5. Visit the Official website(nerdimoodi.io)
6. Staking

* The function and design of the website may be changed during the open beta period.
* Mining speed may be changed during the open beta period.
* Maintenance check-ups for the site & mining page may occur during the open beta. (once or twice weekly, the announcements will be released)

Please refer to the Medium link below.
Click here

- Following goals must be achieved:
* Reach Discord chat level 5
* Acquire community WL role
* Submit your wallet address (Metamask)
* Obtain a mining ticket via admin approval

- Follow the steps below:
* Create a polygon wallet via Metamask
* Open the mining page and click the "Connect Wallet” button in the upper right corner.

- Mining will proceed for a fixed time even if your browser is closed or your PC is turned off.

- Select the NFTs you want to stake from the list of NFTs you have on the mining page and press the staking button.
- Note that you cannot receive the extra mining benefits once you start mining without staking your NFTs in advance.

- Mining can’t be stopped while it is in progress.
- Once mining is completed, it can be started again only after the mined Cela is collected.

- Non-staking, 0.165 Cela for 12 hours per mining.
- Staking, 3 Cela (per NFT staked) for 24 hours per mining.

- Collect the mined Cela to Vault by clicking the “Collect” button.
- Withdraw collected Cela in Vault by clicking the “Withdraw” button.
- Withdraw will be available to you soon.


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